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Variable Valve Timing (VVT) can effectively increase driving pleasure and reduced consumption, allow optimum valve timing across a wide range of engine loads and speeds. Our precision products make a decisive contribution to lowering the fuel consumption of engines and to ensuring that increasingly strict standards for emissions are fulfilled. At the same time, they increase driving comfort and dynamics and provide a longer service life.

vvt 01

VVT Unit

fast cam phaser 02

Fast Phaser Unit


Oil Control Valve

cam phaser 01

Cam Phaser

vvt accessories



How Variable Valve Timing Works, Makes Your Engine Better

“Oil Control Valve to control cam phaser, is optimally adjusted to the manifold requirements of our customers and their applications by its modular design and a multitude of selectable options.Our valves help to reduce fuel consumption, to optimize the engine performance and thus to meet the global emission regulations.”

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VVT Solenoids (OCV)

Cam Phaser (VVT sprockets) to control intake and exhaust valve timing for improved fuel economy, emissions and performance. Special design ensures high phasing performance and less oil consumption.

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VVT Sprockets (Cam Phaser)

“Further optimization of the phasing system regarding phasing speed, system performance and oil consumption”

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Fast Phaser System

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With technical personnel to operate and design development; Use top-quality raw material; precise production flow and Preshipment inspection with high-end equipment, To ensure proper performance and long service life.

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Here is for some technology articles, VVT’s operating principle and function, VVT’s Use andreplace, and some special care maintenance. Here also have our company news and funny driving life.


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Tokda is proud to introduce a line of variable valve timing (VVT) solenoids and sprockets.Learn more about our newest product category, and Let us creat New Model together!


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